Friday, May 23, 2014


Filming all handheld, Setting by James miller on vimeo
Cine v -5sharpness, -5noise reduction, -5saturation, +1 hue
i.dynamic-standar; i.resolution-off
Master pedestal +15; luminance set 16-235.
White balance set to automatic.
12-35mm lumix g vario.
7.5mm samyang fisheyes.

    slow mo at 96fps no sound! 100s/p

Slow motion couldn't shot at higher shutter speed because of light flickering.
Edited in after effect, color graded with,
Osiris KDX r709 opacity to 60%
Film emulation Arri alexa r709
convert to: Fj velv 100
Film color set to 100%
curve at 0%
Applied rgrain exiter.

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